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Advanced Social Media Masterclass
Held by Propel with Digital Blonde's Karen Fewell

Propel Advanced Social Media Masterclass, One Moorgate Place, London, Friday, 7 April, from 10am to 5pm

7th April 2017 – One Moorgate Place, London EC2R 6EA
What's new:

Fresh from Texas and the futuristic South by South West Conference, Karen Fewell will open the day, introducing the latest tech and trends and how these will impact food, drink and hospitality marketing. Covering everything from Facebook chat bots to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Karen will discuss the role of artificial intelligence and what this means for your marketing and social media communications. This session will detail all the emerging trends to watch out for and how your business can benefit from them, aiming to answer your burning questions about future technologies along the way.

The good, the bad and the ugly part 1 – Facebook and Twitter by Nicola Proud:

Think you know everything about Facebook and Twitter? Think again! Nicola will revisit effective social media campaigns, this time with a special focus on Facebook flops and Twitter triumphs. After a few updates on each platform, Nicola will delve into what success looks like across each and how you can avoid the potential pitfalls.

The psychology of marketing by Karen Fewell:

Understanding human behaviour and decision-making processes should be at the heart of any marketing campaign. If you’re not sure where to begin, Karen will guide you. Fresh from the Neuromarketing World Conference, she’ll bring you the latest insights. You’ll leave the session with a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and what makes us buy as a result of online marketing.
Boosting social success with PR by Sarah McGhie:

With years of PR experience in the pub, bar and hospitality sector, Sarah will talk about the power of PR and how this can amplify your social media success, and vice versa. PR and social media should work together for best results that really get audiences engaged and involved. Sarah will bring this discussion to life, with recent and relevant examples to learn from. She will also discuss how to avoid the pitfalls of an “always on” approach with regards to reputation management, and when to pick your fights and when to walk away.

Online influencers – who are they and why do you need them? by Alice Judge-Talbot:

The internet has revolutionised how we choose what to buy, where to eat and what to order to drink. And there are certain sites, blogs and social media accounts with highly engaged audiences that possess the power to make a place or product a hit. In this session, Karen Fewell will interview Alice and uncover the best way to work with social media influencers to boost your business.
The good, the bad and the ugly part 2 – Snapchat and Instagram by Nicola Proud:

You can’t deny the growing popularity of these two platforms and there are certainly plenty of brands making the best of them. Nicola, a social media manager, will take you through the subtleties of each platform and explore some of the most successful Snapchat and Instagram campaigns, as well as those that didn’t work so well. In each case, you’ll come away with tangible learnings to consider for your own marketing.

The dream team – recruiting and retaining social talent by Steve Ward:

While almost everyone engages with social media in one form or another for personal use, not everyone has the right skill set to use it for business. It takes commitment, creativity and attention to detail to be a social media manager – so how do you find the right person or people to take charge of your social channels? Getting the job spec right, as well as understanding your audience, play a part in this mission. Steve Ward explains how to recognise, recruit and retain top social media talent. Steve has been recruiting for 20 years and specifically in social media and digital roles for the past ten. He now works as a talent attraction strategist, helping businesses to become a magnet for the talent they want.

Social media by numbers by Huddle Media’s Colin Sneath:

There’s more to analytics than you might think. It’s time to look beyond basic social success measures such as likes and retweets and explore how you can use analytics to inform your business strategy. Colin will explore – via case studies – how measuring and monitoring key metrics can lead to continuous performance improvement and a sector-leading social media presence.
Amplifying with advertising by Karen Fewell:

Even the most effective social media messages and campaigns can benefit from social advertising. However, this doesn’t have to mean big budgets. From a promoted tweet to a boosted post, Karen will talk you through some of the best ways to amplify your message. Covering advertising examples, appropriate spend and how to evaluate paid-for activity, this session will show you how to get the best from social advertising.
Generational appeal by Karen Fewell:

Although it can be said technology and social media brings us all closer together, when it comes to marketing it can leave you with a divided audience. Making sure your marketing is engaging for all seems more of a challenge than ever before. How do you successfully connect with Generation Z, who have never known life without smartphones or Siri, and Generation X, who have had to catch up with the digital era? If you’re confused about where to invest your efforts, Karen will provide some clarity on marketing to Baby Boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z.
What does ‘family friendly’ look like in the digital era? by Karen Fewell:

Drawing on recent Digital Blonde research into family dining and the Digital Blonde background in family digital marketing, Karen will talk about what families really want and how to make the most of this lucrative market. Our relationships with food and drink form at an early age and the hospitality industry can have a huge part to play in this. This session will explore how to use social media to attract families to your pub or restaurant.
Your questions answered:

The Digital Blonde team will share some of the questions the audience has submitted during the day. The expert panel will answer as many as possible to make sure you get to the bottom of those burning questions.
Tickets for the event are £295 plus VAT for Propel Premium members and £345 plus VAT for non-members and can be booked by emailing anne.steele@propelinfo.com to book.
With grateful thanks to our sponsors: Pipers Crisps, H&R Recruitment and CPL Training Group

Terms and conditions:
Places are secured on receipt of payment only, are non-refundable but are transferable to a colleague if you are unable to attend.